Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Using the Tivoli Portal to create integrated end to end views

One of the powerful aspects of using the Tivoli Enterprise Portal is the flexibility of using the portal to create customized views of the enterprise. One of the views I commonly like to build is what I call an end to end technical view. This view will include information from a variety of sources that are connected to the Tivoli monitoring infrastructure (remember that the TEP can pull in information from a variety of sources, not just monitoring). Here is an example of an end to end view that pulls together information from both z/OS mainframe and open systems sources. Notice I'm pulling in data from sources such as middleware and z/VM. To create views like this you need the Tivoli OMEGAMON monitoring, the Tivoli Enterprise Portal, and enablement for what is called Dashboard Edition (or DE as it is commonly termed).

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