Friday, December 4, 2009

How to enable the EIF tab in the situation editor

In a prior post I mentioned using the EIF interface to send OMEGAMON situation alerts to OMINbus. So in case you logged on to your TEP and went to the situation editor and did not see the EIF tab I showed, here's a couple things to check on.

First, you want to be running your ITM infrastrucuture at ITM 6.21 or above. Second, you need to be sure you have enabled the EIF interface when you configured your environment. Don't assume it's on by default. To turn on the EIF with a z/OS hub TEMS, you need to go into your ICAT advanced options and specify that you want the option enabled. See the screen shots I show here. The option to enable EIF is buried under an F5 advanced option panel. Click on the above image to be able to read the example more easily.

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