Thursday, December 3, 2009

Sending OMEGAMON z/OS situation alerts to OMNIbus

Many customers use Netcool OMNIbus to manage events and alerts, and to act as a "Manager of Managers". OMNIbus works well with large numbers of events and with the management of events from a wide array of sources. There are a variety of ways to send alerts from OMEGAMON on z/OS, or from z/OS in general to OMNIbus. You could have console automation execute a REXX exec that would issue SNMP traps that would appear in OMNIbus. Another mechanism is to use the Tivoli Event Pump to send events from z/OS to OMNIbus. The advantage of the Event Pump is you have a set of packaged events to forward. Another way to send alerts and events from z/OS and OMEGAMON running on z/OS is by using situations in the Tivoli Portal, and using the EIF interface option. The EIF interface is an easy to use mechanism to send information from OMEGAMON to OMNIbus, and you get a lot of flexibility in terms of the detail that may be sent. The picture shows an example of the EIF tab in the situation editor.

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