Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A tip on the configuration of the IMS trace and Near Term History features

On an earlier post I talked about the new and improved IMS application trace feature in OMEGAMON IMS V4.20, and how improved it is over prior versions of OMEGAMON IMS. Another feature of interest is the OMEGAMON IMS Near Term History feature (NTH). The NTH feature of OMEGAMON IMS lets you see response time and DB call information for recent transactions through the system. This is very useful for seeing detail on the last 'n' transactions that have gone through the system. Especially since IMS systems have transactions flowing through very quickly, this can be quite useful.

Both the trace facility and NTH may buffer data before making it viewable to the user. If you are working with these feaures of OMEGAMON IMS for the first time, it may be helpful to be aware of a new option. The SANDBOX option (SANDBOX=ON) for both NTH and trace will make information available in the OMEGAMON classic interface more quickly, and is useful when testing out the tool in a lightly loaded test environment. There is a SANDBOX option available in the startp members for both the trace facility, and for the NTH facility.

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