Wednesday, February 11, 2015

OMEGAMON integration with zScala

I've posted before about SmartCloud Analytics Log Analysis for System z (zScala) and its capabilities.  If you are not familiar with zScala, the tool provides you with the ability to search and analyze z/OS logs (and logs from other sources), looking for key messages and issues embedded within.

There is now an integration facility between the Tivoli Portal (TEP) interface of OMEGAMON and zScala.  What this means is that if you are looking at an OMEGAMON monitoring display, and need to see console log messages for problem analysis, you now have an easy mechanism to do so.

Here is an example.  From the TEP you can look at z/OS activity, such as Address Space monitoring.  From this display if you want to look for relevant messages for a given address space, you can pass that information and click to see the messages.

In the above example we are looking at batch jobs, including DEMOJOB1, etc.  To see any messages coming out of DEMOJOB1, you enter the information in the upper right field, and click to see the messages as retrieved from zScala. You see the messages below.