Wednesday, March 26, 2014

OMEGAMON related sessions at the Share conference in Anaheim

There were quite a few OMEGAMON and systems management related sessions at Share in Anaheim.  Here's a list with links to the handouts:

Become an OMEGAMON Power User

RMF: The Latest and Greatest

OMEGAMON XE for Storage V5.2 Enhancements for z/OS 2.1

 IT Analytics and Big Data - Making Your Life Easier

 Monitoring IMS Performance for Faster Problem Solving

 Managing z/VM & Linux Performance Best Practices

OMEGAMON Thresholds, Profiles, and User Interfaces

OMEGAMON XE for Storage - Hints and Tips to Improve Performance and Usage

Friday, March 14, 2014

Some notes from the Share conference in Anaheim

I was at the Share conference this week in Anaheim.  Share is, as always, what I consider to be the premier user-driven mainframe and z/OS event.  There were a lot of very good technical sessions this week.

The themes of the conference included some items that have been covered before, such as cloud, z/OS 2.1, and security.  There was also a focus on analytics, with quite a few good sessions in that area.

Starting out the week there was a good session on IMS V13.  There was also a DB2 11 for z/OS Overview. 

Here's a link for DB2 11:

At Share I presented on "Become an OMEGAMON Power User".   In case you missed my webcast from last year on the topic, here's a link to the presentation: