Wednesday, December 30, 2009

NetView integrates with the Tivoli Enterprise Portal

OMEGAMON XE for Mainframe Networks makes extensive use of the Tivoli Enterprise Portal user interface. OMEGAMON Networks provides quite a bit of detail on network connections, and network performance relative to applications and workloads on z/OS. Many customers have NetView, but may be unaware of the fact the NetView has the capability to connect with the TEP. The NetView TEP displays have some information, such as session information, that may overlap with data that you can get from OMEGAMON Networks. But, there is also information that is unique to the NetView agent, such as DVIPA data, and NetView log information. The picture shows an example of the NetView data available in the TEP. Note also that you may issue NetView commands from the TEP.

My recommendation is that you view the NetView agent as a complementary component to OMEGAMON Networks. And, whether you have OMEGAMON Networks or not, it is worth enabling the NetView agent and connecting NetView to the TEP.

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  1. Is adding this Netview Agent an extra cost?



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