Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Information on Tivoli Event Pump

So what is the Event Pump?  The Event Pump is a tool to send alerts in the form of EIF events to Netcool OMNIbus.  If you are a z/OS shop that has OMNIbus deployed (that's quite a few shops), then you probably have the need to send alerts/information from z/OS to OMNIbus.  What the Event Pump provides is a convenient method out of the box to send these events to OMNIbus.

My colleague, Wayne Bucek, has recently done a write up about Event Pump, and why you would deploy the tool.  Here's a link to the write up:


 If you are interested in a write up on what is new in Event Pump V4.2.2 here is a link with more information:


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