Tuesday, November 15, 2011

OMEGAMON XE For IMS V4.20 Interim Feature 3 provides powerful new features

Back in August OMEGAMON IMS V4.20 came out with Interim Feature 3 (IF3) that included a bunch of new enhancements and features. The list of enhancements includes the following:

Greater precision in Tivoli Portal workspaces (now in microseconds)

New application metrics added to the 3270 and TEP interfaces

Numerous Application Trace (ATF) enhancements, such as automatic activation of traces at OMEGAMON startup., trace duration increased to 99999 minutes and forever, more filter options for traces, exception-level trace data can now be written to new a new exception journal, elapsed times for DL/I, DB2, and MQ are now provided.

The trace enhancements, in particular, do a lot to make the trace capability of OMEGAMON IMS much more robust. Being able to do things like trace based on exceptions (versus tracing everything), cuts trace overhead considerably.

Here is more info on IF3:


If you are looking at IF3, then you should also be aware of some relevant fixes after IF3 came out. Here is some information on the fixes:


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