Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Managing System Automation Critical Messages in the Tivoli Portal

Many thanks to Art Eisenhour for this valuable tip. 

In earlier posts I've discussed the value of the IBM System Automation (SA) interface with the TEP.  One of the features that was added in V3.3 was support for Critical Messages in the TEP.  This means that messages flagged as critical by SA will appear in the TEP, and can be managed and highlighted using TEP capabilities. 

The Critical Messages workspace in the TEP gets its feed from the SDF fucntion of SA.  Out of the box there is no way to remove the message via the TEP, however if can be removed manually by deleting it from the SDF (3270 interface) panel, or in an automated manner if there is a message that would indicate a clearing event.   The command to remove the message would be as follows:


A question that came up with one customer was, what is the best way to manage messages when they appear in TEP Critical Messages.  In the Tivoli Portal you have the ability to set up commands using the 'Take Action' feature, and using the attribute substitution function to pass the necessary variables to the command.  Using this technique you can clear out a message from Critical Messages using the Tivoli portal without having to go to the 3270 interface.  Here's  an example of how this would work:

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