Thursday, December 1, 2011

Learn about PARMGEN

Yes, the PARMLIB install process I've mentioned on earlier blog posts has been renamed to PARMGEN.  That makes sense since the term Parmlib implies quite a bit of other things to your typical z/OS sysprog. 

If you are new to the PARMGEN process, or just getting started, there was a very good webcast event today that covered PARMGEN in great technical detail (complete with examples).  It's not too late to check out the webcast.  You can still download the material and check out the replay.

Here's the URL:

I recommend you take the time to start getting familiar with PARMGEN.  In future releases of OMEGAMON you can anticipate that the ICAT tool will fade away and that PARMGEN will become the preferred install method.  Don't be shocked when one day,  in a future release, ICAT is gone.

Also, here is a link for the latest technote/documentation on PARMGEN:

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