Thursday, December 29, 2011

Upcoming webcast on Tivoli network management and System Automation

In January Kirk Bean, IBM Tivoli Product Manager, will be delivering a webcast on "Improving System Availability with Tivoli Network Management and System Automation".  

In the webcast, Kirk will be discussing such topics as how to speed up problem determination and enhance usability with new network/system/job log integration (i.e. CANZLOG - something I've posted on before), how to reduce diagnostic time and mean time to repair for network problems with enhanced IP packet trace analysis, and how to improve disaster recovery and resource utilization with new high-availability support for GDPS® Active/Active.  GDPS Active/Active, in particular, sounds like a very interesting topic for many customers.

The event will be January 12th at  11 AM Eastern Time.  It sounds like an informative event covering both network management and automation.  The price is right, it's free to attend the webcast. 

Here's a link to sign up:

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