Wednesday, May 11, 2011

zIIP support for OMEGAMON DB2 Near Term History

Collecting DB2 thread accounting history can be one of the more expensive functions of OMEGAMON XE For DB2 PM/PE. The Near Term History (NTH) function can potentially write millions of DB2 accounting records per day in many shops. One of the goals of V5.1 of OMEGAMON DB2 was to cut the cost of writing history data by routing this activity, where possible, to zIIP processors. Now that function is becoming available.

In an announcement letter from May 3, 2011, there is mention of enhancement PTFs UK65924, UK65927, and UK65933, for OMEGAMON DB2 PM/PE V5.1 With these PTFs, when the NTH component is activated for the DB2 subsystems that OMEGAMON is monitoring, NTH's data manager subcomponent processing, which is executed in enclave SRB mode, will be directed to an available zIIP.

Here is a link to the announcement letter:

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