Thursday, May 5, 2011

When upgrading to ITM 6.22

This is a story related to me by a colleague of mine, Jim Weaver, who has been working with customers upgrading the TEP to ITM 6.2.2 level.

When upgrading the Tivoli Portal server from ITM 6.2.1 to 6.2.2, what do you do if you still see what looks like the original 6.2.1 interface when launching the browser version? You can clear the browser cache, but odds are you may still see the issue.

In the ITM Problem Determination Guide, there is mention of this, but the instructions are not 100% accurate (yes I know, that may be hard to believe).

To resolve the issue, follow these steps:

Bring up the Windows Control Panel (Start > Control Panel).
Locate the "IBM Control Panel for Java". You may find that there is also a entry on the control panel for "Java". This is the wrong one. On the "General" tab, locate the bottom box that is labeled "Temporary Internet Files". There should be a "Settings..." box that you need to click on. You should get another pop up window. On the "Temporary File Settings" panel, locate the "Delete Files..." button and click on it. The "Delete Temporary Files" panel should give you options to delete Applications and Applets. I choose both. You then need to click on "Ok". Once you have cleared the Applications and Applets, you should be able to back your way out of the Java Control Panel. When you go to the TEPS, you should now get the right version.

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