Monday, May 23, 2011

Tivoli Data Warehouse data on DB2 on z/OS

Tivoli Data Warehouse (TDW) is a very useful feature of OMEGAMON and the ITM monitoring infrastructure. Most of the Tivoli monitoring solutions that connect to the Tivoli Portal are able to capture and store historical data using TDW. TDW data integrates nicely within the Tivoli Portal, and allows the user to see data in both real time and historical format. TDW data can be used for both distributed and z/OS monitoring data. TDW data is quite useful, especially for trending and analysis purposes.

Most users who deploy TDW usually use DB2 on a Linux/Unix/Windows type platform to collect and house the data. What many don't realize is you can also store your history data on DB2 on z/OS. To do this you need DB2 on z/OS at be at the V9 level, or above. But if you have that, then maybe using DB2 on z/OS as your data store is an interesting option.

Here is a link to a white paper written by IBMer Mike Bonett that goes through the setup of TDW on z/OS:$FILE/TDW_DB2_ZOS_Considerations.pdf

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