Wednesday, May 11, 2011

MQSeries high log RBA issue

Thanks to my colleague Jim Newell for this interesting tidbit.

MQSeries on z/OS has been around for quite a while. Recently some customers have experienced (or have come close to experiencing) an outage to MQSeries on z/OS due to a High RBA for the MQSeries Log on z/OS. Shops who have been running MQ on z/OS for many years are potentially exposed the most. There is a Technote available that describes the symptoms leading up to the condition, what can be done to avoid the issue and what the consequences are.

If you are seeing messages CSQI045I, CSQI046E and CSQI047E then it's time to investigate. If you are not trapping for these messages in your automation routines, you can use OMEGAMON XE for Messaging on z/OS to create a situation to detect the potential condition. Here I show an example of how to create a situation to check the log RBA.

Information about how to respond to messages CSQI045I, CSQI046E and CSQI047E is available in the Technote. Below is the URL:

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