Wednesday, May 25, 2011

NetView V6.1 announcement

IBM recently made an announcement about a new NetView release, NetView V6.1. NetView V6.1 offers some powerful new features, including the following:

- Analysis and automation of z/OS system, NetView, and job log messages via a
consolidated log (Canzlog) for both real time and archived messages.
- Built-in analysis of packet trace data that reduces diagnostics time.
- Support for zEnterprise hardware.
- Support for Dynamic Virtual IP Address Hot Standby distribution.
- Tighter integration with IBM Tivoli Network Manager.
- Enhanced NetView Discovery Library Adapter (DLA)
- Support for GDPS® Active/Active continuous availability solution.

The enhanced IP trace feature is very nice and is a dramatic improvement in terms of power and ease of use over tracing in prior NetView releases.

Here's a link to the announcement letter:

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