Friday, April 27, 2012

Plot chart options in the Tivoli Portal

One of the nice features of the Tivoli Enterprise Portal is the ability to select specific monitoring data and plot that data over time.  Some things are easy to plot in that they are single metric numbers (like LPAR CPU percent, for example).  Other things may be a little trickier.  For example what if you want to plot the CPU usage of multiple address spaces and do it within a single plot chart?

Here's an example of how you can do it.  First, set up your plot chart like you usually would (click and drag the plot chart icon from the tool bar to the desired spot on the workspace).  Next, use the filter options in properties to specify what you want to plot.  In this example we are plotting all the tasks that start with DEMO in the name.  Then click on the Style tab and click on the chart icon.

Now here's the magic.  Notice to the right there is a button that says "Attributes across all rows".  Click this button.  This will enable the plot for each task named DEMO*  in a single plot chart.

Here's an example of the options, and the finished plot chart on the lower left.

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