Friday, April 6, 2012

Configuration considerations for OMEGAMON CICS V5.1

When you use the new enhanced 3270 interface with OMEGAMON CICS V5.1, one thing that becomes clear quickly is it's orientation towards a CICSplex environment.  Does that mean you have to be running what would technically be considered a CICSplex to use the tool?  Well, not really.  In many shops CICSplex is a very fluid term. 

From the perspective of OMEGAMON CICS V5.1 a CICSplex can really just mean a grouping of CICS regions.  The nice thing is it's easy to set up the groupings based upon whatever criteria you need.  Here's an example of what I'm referring to.  You can use the setup panels in the enhanced 3270 ui to specify your CICS region groupings.  Notice you can use criteria like Jobname, SMFID, and more to define your groupings.

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  1. If you use CICSPlex SM then OMEGAMON for CICS on z/OS v5.1 can consume and use those definitions so that you do not have to maintain two sets of rules.


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