Monday, April 2, 2012

New OMEGAMON CICS V5.1 FIND command is a handy feature

One of the new commands added in OMEGAMON CICS V5.1 is the FIND command.  With the FIND command you can have OMEGAMON CICS search across the CICSplex and locate CICS related resources defined across various CICS regions.  The resources could include such things as transactions, programs, databases or other components.

Here is an example of how the FIND command may be used.  If you look at the top screen shot,  we are issuing a command, FIND TRAN ABRW.  This command will find all the CICS regions where the ABRW transaction is defined.  The middle screen shot shows the result of the FIND command.  Here we see each region with the ABRW transaction, and you have the ability to drill down on each of these regions for more detail on the transaction,  and its related resources.  The bottom screen shot shows commands you can enter, such as enable or disable the transaction, display the transaction details, or display the program details.

The FIND command is a useful new tool that makes it much easier to understand the relationships of resources across CICS regions.

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