Wednesday, April 11, 2012

More on OMEGAMON CICS CICSplex support

I had a comment a couple days ago.  "If you use CICSPlex SM then OMEGAMON for CICS on z/OS v5.1 can consume and use those definitions so that you do not have to maintain two sets of rules."

That's correct, and it's a very important point I obviously did not make very clear in my original post.  If you use CICSplex SM, then those definitions can be used in terms of how the regions will be grouped and appear in the enhanced 3270 ui.  But, I often get asked if you have to use CICSplex SM, and the answer is no.  With the grouping mechanism I mentioned in the prior post, you can use whatever method works for your requirements.

Thanks for the comment and the clarification.

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