Friday, February 10, 2012

What the new enhanced 3270 looks like

OMEGAMON z/OS and CICS V5.1 will feature a new enhanced 3270 interface (e3270).  The new e3270 offers many advantages over classic or CUA 3270 interface.  The primary advantage, when compared to classic interface, will be ease of use, and ease of navigation.  Many of the screens were designed with common problem analysis scenarios and requirements in mind.  e3270 also offers superior integration to what has been offered, up until now, with classic or CUA.  In a way think of e3270 as combining the strength, speed, and depth of 3270 interfaces with the integration capabilities of the Tivoli Portal GUI. 

If you are interested in what it looks like, here is an example.  The e3270 is a VTAM logon-able application, just like classic and CUA.  From there, you can access whatever information you need from a common UI, versus having to drill down and navigate as you would with classic interface.  In the example below we are looking at one of the commonly requested display scenarios, where users want to see high CPU and high storage use tasks from a single display, without having to navigate around to get the information.

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