Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A question on OMEGAMON CICS resource limiting facility (RLIM)

We recently had a question come up about the OMEGAMON CICS resource limiting facility (RLIM).  RLIM is a way to automate the process of doing such things as killing run away or high CPU CICS transactions.Here's the question:

"At our facility we use the Resource Limiting feature for CPU and DB2 Calls. I'm trying to find a way to dynamicly change the kill values of the transaction we specified. The way we currently change them, is by changing the kill value inside the GLOBAL BLOCK member and restarting (shutting it down, and starting up) omegamon. Is there a way to change the values without restarting omegamon?"

I ran this question by my colleague and CICS guru, Steve Hackenberg (thanks Steve).  The answer is you have two options.  The easiest and least painful way is to logon to the CUA interface for the region, and change the values in the CUA interface.  You can save the settings permanently or just for the session.  Since it is a common monitoring function at the region level it would not matter if additional sessions were logged on to the same region. 

The second options would be to edit the Global member using TSO ISPF edit, change the values.  Then logon to the target CICS, issue an OMEG SHUT command, then an OMEG REMOVE command,  then recycle the collector address space.  All currently active users would then have to log on again once the collector task was recycled. 

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