Tuesday, February 14, 2012

New OMEGAMON Offers Superior Integration

One of the key deliverables of OMEGAMON z/OS and CICS V5.1 is superior integration at the 3270 level.  In the past, integration could be achieved using Omegaview as an integration component and for cross monitor navigation.  However, if you wanted to have detailed multi-agent metric information on a single screen, you needed to use the Tivoli Portal.  Now with OMEGAMON V5.1 you can have that detailed performance information, for example, from both z/OS and CICS on the same screen.

Here is an example of the detailed integration you get at the 3270 level with V5.1.  In the above screen you can get detailed performance information for both z/OS (CPU utilization) and CICS (transaction rate) on a single display.  From here you can drill down for additional detail.  Integration will continue to be a key, and we will look at more examples as the year progresses.

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