Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Observations on the new OMEGAMON V5.1 architecture

Another one of the deliverables of OMEGAMON z/OS and CICS V5.1 is simplification of installation, replication, and maintenance.  Support for things such as self describing agents and the PARMGEN install help out in this area.  Another way that V5.1 helps from an installation and maintenance standpoint is the overall simplification of the monitoring infrastructure.

In the chart below, you see, in the bottom portion of the example, the current OMEGAMON architecture with multple address spaces per LPAR (TEMS, TEMAs, classic address spaces, and CUA address spaces on each LPAR).  Although CUA is still packaged as part of V5.1, the goal is for enhanced 3270 (e3270) to supplant and ultimately replace CUA.  What this means is that if you adpot e3270 you will no longer need the CUA address spaces (usually one per monitor per LPAR), as well as you would ultimately no longer need Omegaview for session management and navigation.

The top part of the chart shows the new architecture (now minus the CUA tasks), and introduces a new function in the form of an address space called the TOM (Tivoli OMEGAMON Manager).  The TOM functions as the front end for the e3270 interafce that all the monitors will ultimately feed to.  The utlimate advantage of this approach is, as I implied on earleir posts, that you will get superior integration, and also reduce the overall task footprint of OMEGAMON.

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