Wednesday, February 16, 2011

OMEGAMON XE For DB2 PE And Extended Insight

I've posted several times on new features in OMEGAMON XE for DB2 V5.10. But, I think that's for good reason, there is quite a bit of new feature/function contained within this new release.

Probably one of the most interesting new features added to OMEGAMON XE For DB2 PE (important note - this is relevant for PE only, it's not in PM) is a feature called Extended Insight. Extended Insight provides something that many users ask for often; getting an analysis of DB2 distributed queries that will break out the host time versus the network time. Extended Insight helps to answer a key question: is the problem on the host and the SQL query, or is the problem in the network?

The nice thing about Extended Insight is it can be referenced interactively within the Tivoli Enterprise Portal. When you are in a thread view you can drill down and get the relevant Extended Insight performance stats. In the screen shot I show here, you can see an example of the navigation. Another interesting thing about Extended Insight is it allows OMEGAMON DB2 to provide information that integrates nicely with ITCAM displays, and provides drill down detail of SQL level activity within ITCAM.

Again, please note that Extended Insight is only available with OMEGAMON XE For DB2 Performance Expert (PE), and is not in OMEGAMON For DB2 PM. So if you are a PM customer and want the feature, you may need to upgrade to PE. If in doubt, contact your IBM rep. I'm sure they will be happy to help you out.

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