Thursday, February 3, 2011

New stuff in OMEGAMON XE For DB2 V5.10

A new version of OMEGAMON is always an exciting event (for me anyways). The newest release of OMEGAMON DB2, V5.10, is no different. OMEGAMON DB2 V5.10 was made generally available last year to coincide with the release of DB2 Version 10. One of the things that V5.10 does well is exploit many of the new instrumentation features of Version 10 of DB2 on z/OS.

DB2 Version 10, like most new DB2 versions, provides more traces, more trace granularity and detail, and more collection/analysis options. This includes new trace IFCIDs, and more information added to existing IFCIDs. Some of the most interesting stuff revolves the notion of a statement ID. Statement ID is a unique counter used to identify a statement, and its usage, across a DB2 system. It allows for more granularity of performance information at the statement level.

OMEGAMON DB2 V5.10 provides support for statement ID information in several ways, including both the Tivoli Portal and Classic 3270 interface. This information can be shown for both dynamic as well as for static SQL calls. It looks like very useful information, and I plan to do some additional posts on this, and in general on OMEGAMON DB2 V5.10.

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