Friday, February 11, 2011

More on OMEGAMON DB2 V5.10

There's a lot of new stuff in OMEGAMON XE For DB2 V5.10. Another interesting nugget is Near Term History support for zIIP processors. This can be useful because collecting Near Term History data is one of the more costly functions of OMEGAMON DB2.

The cost of Near Term History collection in OMEGAMON can vary. It has the potential to be costly primarily because it has the potential to collect and store a considerable amount of data. In some shops it may be as much as millions of records of information per day.

What V5.10 provides is support for zIIP processor utilization by the tasks that write Near term History. The OMEGAMON DB2 zIIP support requires no special configuration options for the zIIP processor, and requires no special configuration or setup in WLM. Essentially what happens is, if a zIIP is available, OMEGAMON DB2 has the option of using, if appropriate.

zIIP support is a good way to offload some of the cost of DB2 historical data collection.

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