Wednesday, February 9, 2011

New capabilities in OMEGAMON DB2 V510

OMEGAMON DB2 V5.10 is a robust new release. You should be interested in V5.10, especially if you are looking at going to DB2 for z/OS Version 10.

DB2 Version 10 offers quite a few new monitoring and metric capabilities. DB2 10 improves the support for
monitoring and managing both static and dynamic SQL. A unique statement execution identifier (that I mentioned in a prior post) is introduced. Statement type and statement execution identifier are externalized that can be used to correlate statement execution on the server with the client application.
ØDB2 V10 provides updated IFCIDs related to SQL execution, and new Static SQL Statement Cache trace information (flag IFCID 400, comparable to IFCID 318 for dynamic SQL).

Here is an example of the kind of information you can now get in OMEGAMOn DB2 V5.10. Note that the information looks similar to what you could get before for dynamic SQL, but now we can get similar information for Static SQL. Look closely at the example, and you will see what I mean.

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