Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Timed screen facility (TSF)

Timed screen facility (TSF) is a useful tool that's part of the Classic interface. TSF allows you to have the Classic interface execute a screen space at a specified time.

There are certain commands you need to know in order to use TSF. First, you can issue .TSF00 to list what timers (if any) are currently specified (see the example). You need to enble TSF via the .TSFON command. Next you need to enable Automatic update mode (using the .AUPON command). It's important to remember that for the timers to work, you need to have an active OMEGAMON session running in auto update mode.

To set the timer, you need to enter a timer and command in the time slot, such as .TSF01 for timer number 1. You enter a time and the screen space name, as I show in the example. Once this is done, you let the session run in auto-update, and then when the timer is hit, the screen space will execute (as I show at the bottom of the example).

TSF is handy because you can execute any Classic screen space based on time of day or day of week. You can have OMEGAMON execute a screen, or set of screens at off hours, and have the screen execute a LOG command to log and spool out the output of the commands. This is very handy and very convenient.

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