Monday, December 13, 2010

Cool Classic interface tricks

I've done quite a few posts over the past few weeks on the Tivoli Portal, and its unique capabilities. But, I don't want to keep the sole focus on the Tivoli Portal. Classic 3270 interface has some nice capabilities that you may not know about.

Classic interface is very customizable, built around the notions of major and minor commands, menus, etc. You can make custom screen spaces to target specific technical requirements, or to focus on a specific user or audience.

It's easy to customize Classic screen spaces, and you can do some very nice things with Classic. But, there are other interesting things you can do, as well. For example, did you know you can have the Classic interface execute a screen space based on such things as time of day, or if a specific Classic exception has been hit? Did you know that you can have one screen space execute, and then call and execute another screen space? Did you know about the ability of the Classic interface to execute screens, and then log the output?

I will do a series of posts that go into examples of how to use features, such as Timed Screen Facility (TSF), Automated Screen Facility (ASF), Auto-update, Exception Logging Facility, and other cool Classic techniques.

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