Thursday, August 8, 2013

Using Tivoli Enterprise Portal policy automation

One of the powerful aspects of the Tivoli Portal (TEP) is how automation capabilities integrate very directly within the TEP.  Integrated automation can take several forms:  System Automation (SA) integration within the portal, automated command capabilities of TEP situations, and automated command capabilities of policies.

I've blogged in the past on certain aspects of policies and policy automation within the TEP.  Policies are one of the more overlooked and underutilized features of  the TEP.  You can do a lot with policies to issue console commands, to start/stop situations, and to start/stop other policies.

One point of emphasis with the OMEGAMON Proof of Technology events we have been holding all around the US has been to use the OMEGAMON infrastructure to manage the infrastructure.  This means that we have made it a point to automate the sample workloads of the OMEGAMON Proof of Technology using OMEGAMON. 

Here's an example of how we launch the OMEGFAMON sample workload using a policy.  In the example we do several things: we launch other workload driver policies, we start situations to check for missing work, and we also set a timer so that the work stops after a specified time interval.  All using visual click and drag GUI technology (no REXX coding needed).

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