Wednesday, August 28, 2013

More on automating workload using the Tivoli Portal

I've posted earlier on how we use the integrated automation capabilities of the Tivoli Enterprise Portal to automate and manage the z/OS demonstration workload for our OMEGAMON Proof of Technology events. 

The earlier posts showed examples of how you can use policy automation to start/stop other policies and situations.  Policies work well as a way to manage your monitoring infrastructure.  The next step in the process is understanding the situations that are used to drive the policies.

In the DB2 workload example we looked at earlier, you see references to several situations that are checking for DB2 workload tasks.   Here's an example of how you may set up the DB2 workload check.

The following situation is actually an OMEGAMON z/OS situation (even though it's checking for a DB2 job).  The situation uses the 'Missing' option.  In this example if the job is missing (i.e. not running on the system), then the situation is true and the policy will start a new job.  Note that the situation checks for the job on a 1 minute interval.  Also, be aware that when using the 'Missing' option you can specify a list of missing items.


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