Friday, August 9, 2013

Automating workload using the Tivoli Portal

I posted yesterday an example of how you can use policies to manage other policies and situations.  That is one of the most common and useful uses for the policy automation feature of the Tivoli Portal.  Let's look in more detail at how the the OMEGAMON Proof of Technology workload using OMEGAMON and the Portal.

In the prior post we were looking at the main workload control policy that started all the underlying workload management policies.  The following is one of the underlying policies, in this example to manage the DB2 workload.  This DB2 workload policy will be started when the main workload control policy is started.

In this policy we see that there is first a situation check to see if DB2 workload is not running.  If true, then the policy will issue situation checks for specific jobs.  Each situation will use a 'not found' check for a specific job.  If true, the situations will issue a console command to start the job.

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  1. This "Automating workload using the Tivoli Portal" looks so cool! Wish I can also make something like that, but for now I have my own proper workload management for my daily task. Thanks for sharing.



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