Friday, April 12, 2013

Building your own enhanced 3270 interface panels

Yes.  You can build your own enhanced 3270 interface panels.  It's actually fairly easy once you've done it once or twice and get the hang of it. 

There are a few tricks of the trade to get it done.  The first thing you will want to get your hands on is the "Enhanced 3270 Interface Guide"  (SC22-5426-00).  This manual contains a lot of the information you need to build and customize your own panels.  Here's a link to the manual:

The interface guide documents all the keywords, and shows you many examples of how the panels are coded.

The nice thing is that the panels are just members in a PDS.  When you create a new panel, or modify a product provided panel, put the new or updated panel in the   -hilev-.UKANWENU library.  Don't modify the   -hilev-.RKANWENU  members directly.  Make a copy and put them in   -hilev-.UKANWENU. 

Testing a new panel is easy.  Just enter  =panelname  (keeping in mind these are PDS members) on the command line and hit enter and your new panel should come up.

I'm working on some new panel ideas.  And I will be blogging on my results.

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