Monday, April 22, 2013

A customization example - changing the order of the columns on a e3270ui panel

One of the nice things about the e3270ui is you have the ability to easily change and customize the layout of the monitoring displays.  The panels are members in the hilev.RKANWENU library.  To change a panel you can make your edits and save the new panel in the hilev.UKANWENU user panel library.  You can also build new panels and store them in the UKANWENU panel library.

Let's look at an OMEGAMON DB2 example.  In the OMEGAMON DB2 thread display (KIPTHRD) you have quite a few columns of information to review.  Perhaps, in your environment, columns such as Authid and Corrid may not be as useful to view as Workstation Id.  In the example below you have to scroll to the right to find the Workstation Id.

So, Workstation Id is on the panel, but perhaps you would like to see it without having to scroll the panel to the side.  You can accomplish this with a straightforward edit ot the panel source.

Below we see the source code of the panel definition.  Look for the DISPLAYCOLS command, and below that you will see the sequence in which the columns are displayed on the panel.  The column we are looking to move is TDIDWKID.  Use a standard ISPF edit command to move the column reference up in the panel code, as you see in the example below.

Once you make the change, save and exit the panel edit session, and you can invoke the panel.  Note that in the above example that rather than change the product provided panel , KIPTHRD, we made a new panel for testing purposes, ZDB2THRD.  Please note, only make your changes and new panel creations in the UKANWENU library.  Please refrain from changing the product provided RKANWENU library.  To invoke the new panel, go to the original KIPTHRD panel, and then issue the following command on the command line,  =ZDB2THRD.

Here you have the new panel complete with Workstation Id now appearing towards the front.  That's all there is to it.

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