Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Adding more sort columns to an e3270ui screen

So you have an OMEGAMON e3270ui screen that lists a lot of information, but you would like to add some additional sort eligible columns.  Adding the sort option to a column is easy.  Let's look at an example.

In the example below we show the OMEGAMON DB2 buffer pool overview panel, KDPBPOOL.  In the orginal panel you see several columns that are already sort eligible.  What we would like to do is make the Pages In Use column also sort eligible. 

To test out the edits, I again will make a copy of the panel and place it in the UKANWENU library.  What I am looking for is a panel, in this example ZDB2BP,  that has added sort for the Pages In use column.

Below is an example of the ISPF edit required.  The column we are interested in is the BPM_TCBA column.  You can verify that by looking at the DISPLAYCOLS statement to see what column names are being shown.

You then add BPM_TCBA to the SORTCOLS command.  Save the panel and you are done.  Again, as with the prior posts I've shown, I always recommend that modified panels go to the UKANWENU library.  Do not modify the contents of the product provided RKANWENU library.  To invoke the test panel, enter  =ZDB2BP on teh command line and press enter.

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