Friday, January 25, 2013

Setting thresholds in the enhanced 3270 interface

So you've installed the enhanced 3270 user interface and now you've logged on and started looking around.  You may have noticed that some fields that display on the various screens may be highlighted with colors like yellow or red.  What controls these color settings?  Why are some fields showing up highlighted in yellow or red (or sometimes blue)?

In the library hilev.RKANPAR there are members that control the threshold settings for these various fields.  For each of the various monitors there is a xxxTHRSH member that correlates to the threshold settings for that monitor.  For OMEGAMON CICS the member is KCPTHRSH, for OMEGAMON z/OS the member is KM5THRSH, for OMEGAMON DB2 the member is KDPTHRSH.

Here we show an example of the contents of the KCPTHRSH member.  In the example you see that for transaction rate if the value is greater than 1000 per minute or less than 100 per minute it constitutes a critical (i.e. red) level.  Same idea for a yellow warning level.  Want to change the setting?  Just overtype the value in the member and save the member to hilev.RKANPARU (important remember to save it to RKANPARU not RKANPAR).   The same process applies to the CPU utilization field,

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