Thursday, January 10, 2013

Enhanced 3270 - customizing KOBSTART

I was doing an OMEGAMON V5.1 proof of technology event for a customer recently and an interesting question came up.  What dictates the sequence of what OMEGAMON agents show up on the KOBSTART panel?  KOBSTART is the panel you will often see by default, so how can you control what shows up, and in what sequence?

Here's what a typical KOBSTART panel looks like.  From this one panel you can navigate to any one of several different monitors.  So what controls the sequence of what shows up on this panel?  You may want to change that sequence based upon things such as what you use the most.

The answer is fairly straight forward.  Look at library  hilev.RKANWENU and look for member KOBSTART (same name as the panel name).  Here you see an IMBED entry for each of the OMEGAMONs, and the sequence of thes IMBED statements controls the sequence of what shows up on KOBSTART.  If yu want to make a change, change KOBSTART.  But, remember to put user modified panels in the corresponding hilev.UKANWENU library.  I don't suggest modifying and saving into RKANWENU.

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