Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Some very interesting Tivoli monitoring sessions

There were quite a few good Tivoli related monitoring and management sessions at Share last week in Anaheim.  Some of the best ones were done by Mike Bonett of IBM. 

"Using NetView for z/OS for Enterprise-Wide Event Management and Automation" was a very interesting session that covered numerous ways that you exploit and use NetView in your enterprise.  Here's a link:

"The IBM Tivoli Monitoring Infrastructure on System z and zEnterprise" is one of the most comprehensive and concise reviews I've seen of the Tivoli infrastructure.  If you want a good explanation of all the Tivoil terminology, this is the best one I've seen.  Here's a link:

"Forecasting Performance Metrics using the IBM Tivoli Performance Analyzer"  is a good overview of the capabilities of this very interesting feature of the Tivoli Portal. Here's a link:

"Getting Started with the Unified Resource Manager (zManager) APIs for zEnterprise Monitoring and Discovery"  looks at the support for zManager now available in the Tivoli Portal.  If you are not familiar with this support, it is very much worth looking at this presentation.  Here's a link:

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