Friday, August 17, 2012

My presentations at Share

At the Share confernce last week in Anaheim I did a couple presentations. 

One topic was somewhat in keeping with one of the themes of the conference, Big Data.  In "Predictive Analytics and IT Service Management"  I cover the concepts of predictive analysis, consider common systems management challenges, and look at how predictive analysis concepts may be applied to address IT Service Management needs.  Here's a link:

Another session that I did covered the topic of   "Understanding The Impact Of The Network On z/OS Performance".  This was an updated verison of a presentation I did at Share in Atlanta this past spring.  In the presentation I discuss how to create a more integrated, end to end monitoring strategy that includes relevant network information.  I cover understanding the impact of the network on z/OS performance, how to analyze typical z/OS workloads and network performance, analyzing performance using available tools (such as OMEGAMON), and recommended approaches and management strategies.  Here's a link:

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