Friday, August 3, 2012

Monitoring Summarization and Pruning activity

We've looked at specifying history collection, and as part of that process defining summarization and pruning.  Summarization and pruning should happen on a regular basis as defined in the setup and configuration for the summarization and pruning agent.  Here's an example of where you would specify the time of day that summarization and pruing takes place.
Once the summarization and pruning is set up, you can then monitor the summarization and pruning activity on an ongoing basis using a product provided workspace (see example below).  The statistics workspace under summarization and pruing shows interesting information, such as tables being sumamrized, and if there were any tables that saw errors during summarization/pruing.

It's recommended that if you are collecting TDW history, and are using the summarization and pruning facility, that you check this workspace periodically to make sure you do not have any issues.

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