Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Using OMEGAMON IMS Application Trace with DBCTL transactions

I've posted before about using OMEGAMON IMS Application Trace to trace and analyze IMS transaction details.  The Application Trace will show detailed, call by call level information, including DL/I calls, SQL calls, MQ calls, along with timing information and drill down call level detail. 

In the past, I've shown examples illustrating the tool with IMS transactions, but what about CICS-DBCTL transactions?  The good news is it's easy to use the Application Trace with DBCTL workload and it provides very detailed information on transaction timings and DL/I call activity.

Here I show an example.  To trace DBCTL workload you specify the PSB to trace (in this example DFHSAM05).  You specify the PSB and other parameters such as trace time and duration, and then start the trace.  Once the trace is started, information is captured and then you see a list of DBCTL transactions (note the overview shows transaction code and CICS region). 

To see detail for a specific transaction, you position the cursor and press F11.  The detail display will show timing information, including elapsed time, CPU time, and time in database.  You can also drill in another level and see DL/I call detail (including SSA, key feedback information and more).

The Application Trace facility has been improved tremendously, and provides very powerful analysis and detail not just of IMS transactions, but also CICS-DBCTL workload, as well.

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