Friday, June 8, 2012

Tivoli Data Warehouse planning spreadsheet

When you are looking at enabling the Tivoli Data Warehouse (TDW), some planning is in order. One of the more valuable planning tools available is the TDW warehouse load projection spreadsheet.  I've posted on this tool in prior blog posts, but it's worth mentioning once more the availability of this tool.

At first glance the spreadsheet may appear a bit daunting.  There are numerous tabs in the spreadsheet (many for agents you probably do not have).  It's worth the time to at least briefly review the documentation that comes with the spreadsheet to learn how to hide information and agent types you are not interested in to make the graphics and data more legible. 

Essentially, what the load projection tool does is it gives you a means to enter assumptions on numbers of agents, frequency of collection, tables of data to collect, and summarization/pruning to come up with space and load projections for sizing the TDW.  As I've implied before, if you don't do some planning you may end up collecting a lot more data than you bargained for, and a lot of useless data becomes a headache and an impediment to using the TDW effectively. 

Here's a link to the download the TDW load projection worksheet:

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