Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Use ITCAM to identify mainframe as well as distributed bottlenecks

ITCAM (IT Composite Application Monitoring) provides a detailed and dynamic analysis of application transaction flow, and shows end to end application response time, along with aiding in the identification of transaction bottlenecks. What's powerful about ITCAM is it has the ability to 'stitch' together information from a variety of sources to determine the application flow, and show performance information. This end to end perspective could conceivably flow between mainframe and distributed, and encompass various middleware components in between.

The example screenshot shows a distributed client that connects to the mainframe via IMS Connect, and then invokes various IMS transactions. When you look at the example you can see that IMS Connect is the potential bottleneck, and the IMS Connect portion of the response time is highlighted in red on the bottom portion of the screen. This is a fairly straightforward example of how this function operates.

ITCAM is flexible, powerful, and allows you to see where your complex composite applications are spending their time.

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