Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Upcoming webcast on OMEGAMON and the Tivoli Enterprise Portal

On September 29th I will be doing a webcast, "Top 10 Problem Solving Scenarios Using OMEGAMON and Tivoli Enterprise Portal". In this presentation I will cover how OMEGAMON and the Tivoli Enterprise Portal can be used to identify, isolate, and solve typical z/OS performance and availability management issues.

The session will include examples of how to get the most out of OMEGAMON and the Tivoli Enterprise Portal, and discuss the integration of OMEGAMON with other Tivoli solutions. I will also be covering some things I've been blogging about lately, such as ITM 6.2.3 and the Tivoli Performance Analyzer.

The event is September 29th at 11AM. The price to attend is right (it's free). Please feel free to stop by.


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