Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Notes from the Share Conference in Orlando

I recently returned from the Share Conference last week in Orlando. In addition to presenting on several topics at the conference, I also attended quite a few of the technical sessions (as well as partaking in some hands on labs).

Given that Share has a z/OS focus, many of the sessions were centered around what's new and interesting in the area of System z. That meant there were quite a few sessions on such topics as the new z114 system, what's new with z/OS V1.13, Workload Manager, Unified Resource Manager and zManager, what is zBX and what it means to z/OS, cloud computing, security, storage, you name it.

In the area of zBX, a session I found interesting was done by Glenn Anderson of IBM on "A Mainframe Guy Discovers Blades - as in zEnterprise "Blade" Extension". This was a good introduction to blades and how this technology now folds into the new z/OS mainframes.

Here's a link to the presentation:


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