Thursday, August 11, 2011

New filter option for Tivoli Data Warehouse history

Thanks to Ernie Gilman for making me aware of this very interesting tidbit.

When you define history collection in Tivoli Data Warehouse (TDW) you go through a set of steps to specify which tables of data to collect, which managed objects to collect the data from, and finally how often to collect the data and send it on to the TDW.

Apparently there a new option has appeared in the TDW history collection options (we think this may have showed up with either FP2 or FP3). When you specify history there is now a new 'Filter' tab. From there you can specify what attribute to filter on at the time of collection. What that means is that you can specify what is essentially exception based history. For example, only collect the history if it meets a specified criteria.

Look at the example I include and you will see how I'm filtering history based on a CPU threshold.

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