Tuesday, March 1, 2011

zEnterprise discussion at Share

Needless to say there will be quite a few sessions on the new zEnterprise technology this week at the Share conference in Anaheim. This will include general discussions of the overall technology (hardware and software), and the ability of the platform to handle very diverse workloads.

The ability of zEnterprise to operate diverse workloads is clearly one of it's strengths. Another aspect of this came up while I was talking at the trade expo with a customer who had brought in the new technology to their shop at the end of 2010. Their justification: the ability to be able to backup with integrity critical business data from a variety of operating system platforms with consistency from a single consistent coherent platform. For them being able to stream line and consolidate this process was imperative, and it stands to reason that consistent backups are a part of any data processing operation.

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