Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Using correlated situations - the rest of the story

As I implied in the first post on this topic, there is one additional step you need to perform to have the correlated situation fire in the Portal. You need to 'Associate' the situation, to tell the Portal where the situation is to appear when it is true.

In the example I include here, I do a right click on the situation, and then select 'Associate'. By doing this, this tells the Portal where the situation will appear when it is true. In the example, I associate the situation, and then lo and behold, the critical alert appears (because the underlying not found situations are true, as well).

Once it's all said and done this works well. You get a warning if FTP is not found on one or the other of the LPARs. If it's missing on both, you get the addition of a critical alert.

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